Pinkus Brewery


Pinkus Brewery

LocationMunster , GER

About Pinkus Brewery

The Pinkus-Muller brewery, or Brauerei Pinkus Müller as it’s known locally, traces its origins to the family’s arrival in the Northern German town of Munster in 1816. At that time, Johannes Müller and his wife Friederika Cramer started an altbier brewery and a bakery. Since their arrival, 150 breweries have come and gone from Munster. Only Pinkus remains.


Today, the fifth and sixth generations of the family operate the famous Pinkus-Muller Pub/Brewery. So dedicated to quality is Pinkus, that they are the first all organic brewery of the modern era to brew with only organically-grown barley malt and whole hop blossoms.