Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery


Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery

LocationFarmville, NC

About Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery

The Duck-Rabbit Brewery consists of people, ideas and equipment.  Our staff is an ever-growing* dedicated team of passionate brewery professionals:


Paul Philippon, founder (most likely to fall asleep in his lasagna)

Matt Cooper, production manager (most likely to moonlight as a scurvy dog)

Will Pardon, brewer (most likely to be in the kitchen with Dinah)
Robert Owen, Key Accounts Manager (most likely never to meet a barber)
Tony Mercer, production (most likely to climb a butter beanstalk) 
Rocky Freeman, taproom manager (most likely to spread panic widely)
George Thornton, warehouse assistant


We express our ideas through our beer, of course.  The beers are an expression of Paul’s vision.  We only brew beers that Paul enjoys!  So, what you get in a Duck-Rabbit beer is determined by enthusiasm for delicious beer, not a focus group or a bean-counter!