Blowing Rock Brewing Co.


Blowing Rock Brewing Co.

LocationBlowing Rock, NC


About Blowing Rock Brewing Co.

Blowing Rock Brewing Company began with a single idea—to create a beer that captured the finest qualities of the High Country. 

In 2007, we set out to make this idea a reality. We believed in the clean mountain water, unique ingredients, and local community of our home. We saw untapped potential for a craft beer unlike any other. The two of us spent nearly five years dedicating ourselves to research, assembling an award-winning team and perfecting signature recipes. 

In 2013, Blowing Rock Brewing Company opened our first brewery in the heart of historic Blowing Rock. Immediate support from the local community, followed by demand for Blowing Rock brews statewide, showed us the power of the craft beer culture and the passion of the people it encompasses. From that moment on, we made it our mission to not just craft the highest quality mountain artisan beer, but to create a high quality experience for enjoying our beer as well. 


Within the same year that we opened the doors to Blowing Rock Brewery, we also opened the Blowing Rock Ale House & Inn. Our brews are now being distributed to retailers and restaurants statewide in six-pack cans, kegs and growers. In 2014, we are officially opening an additional state-of-the-art brewery in Hickory, which will offer 6,000 renovated square feet of brewery and restaurant space. 


The past few years have been remarkable. It’s been our pleasure providing you with the finest craft beer paired with new and unique ways to experience it. We are grateful to all of you, from those purchasing six-packs at the grocery store, enjoying a pint at our restaurants, or just stopping by to see what’s happening in the brewery. You all have made this one amazing ride, and we look forward to serving you in the future.