Welcome Southern Pines Brewing Company!

We could not be happier that this partnership is coming to fruition.  Our Triangle sales team has been hoping this partnership would happen for some time now, and we're so glad that time has come.  Southern Pines has a really great story, and I encourage everyone to visit their website ( to learn more about the brewery.  The short version is that the three owners were all in the military together as Green Berets in the Army and that's where the idea for the brewery was born.


The brewery is located in Southern Pines, NC and the beers they are putting out are top notch.  This brand has the potential to be a big one for us, and I have a feeling they will be.  Look for a few more emails over the coming weeks that give you some more insight into the people and the products from Southern Pines Brewing Co.  Cheers!


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