We've Got a New Warehouse in Manteo!

If you ever had to meet the truck that was dropping off the OBX load in the mornings, you would know just how amazing it is that we have just finished construction on a brand new satellite warehouse in Manteo.  The old "warehouse" wasn't actually a warehouse at all.  It was the dock of a seafood market that they let us use to unload our transfer truck and load our box trucks in the early mornings.  It was uncovered, so you were going to get wet if it was rainy and it was located in a very inconvenient place which meant some of our drivers were on the road by 2am in order to meet the transfer truck.

Well, thank goodness we don't have to deal with that mess anymore.  If you're headed out to the OBX this Summer feel free to swing by 5001 maritime woods drive to check out our brand new satellite warehouse.  It is 6,000 sq/ft and has 4 (that's right, 4) docks.  With how hot it gets during the Summer we knew that we needed a place to keep any returned or staged product without it getting scorched, so we have a 500 sq/ft area in the warehouse that remains air controlled for keeping stored product at a safe temp.  

We're all really excited about this much needed new addition to our satellite warehouses across the state and it should prove very beneficial for the OBX team this Summer.