LocationSanger , CA


Gibson Wine Company was incorporated on June 20,1939 (6 years after repeal) as Sanger Winery Association. The winery has been located on North and Academy avenue since the 1890’s. The winery was founded by:  E.L. “Ted” Barr, Sr., Frank K.Sayre, Jake Rheingans, Bert Zook, and S.A. “SI” Lines.



Our logo, the pheasant has long been a trademark of the Gibson Wine Company. The late Bob Gibson, who was founder and principal owner of Gibson Wine Company, for many years was a renowned bird fancier and maintained the largest privately owned collection of rare and exotic birds in the United States.


In his travels, he found a rare portfolio containing the original drawings by an early day naturalist and artist. After researching for authenticity by leading ornithologists, the drawings were deemed the highest of quality and detail. Mr. Gibson, then with the cooperation of H.S. Crocker Company, brought Jean Fabreau a skilled Belgian engraver to America, who hand engraved the plates from which H.S. Crocker Company made the finished product.


Gibson Wine Company is a cooperative owned by 23 growers/members. We have eleven office staff, 13 administrators, and employ about 75 people during crush.