LocationChieti, ITA



Fantini Group was born in the heart of the Mediterranean, in Abruzzo, in the town of Ortona in 1994 by three partners Filippo, Valentino and Camillo also called the three dreamers because they are able to realize a dream that seemed impossible, create a reality that was the flagship of Southern Italy without having financial capital and vineyards owned but with a highly innovative business model. It is here that the largest Boutique Winery in Italy is located, which for us means meticulous attention to every single detail, starting from the vineyard. The selection of extraordinary grapes at the origin and the careful processing followed by the team of 21 young oenologists with great international experience behind, allow to obtain wines of great value, appreciated all over the world.


Fantini has made sure that these wines from Abruzzo have kept their excellent reputation throughout the years with Fantini becoming the most recent example of Fantini’s dedication to producing high-quality wines.


Fantini Group is not only dedicated to producing high-end wines but also to giving back to the surrounding community. They partner with small family farms that have been in the area for generations and bring in world-class consultants to work with the families to help them grow higher-quality grapes. In addition, Fantini also takes long-term contracts with the families helping to ensure that the families do not need to worry if they will be paid after the harvest season is over.


When crafting the wines, Fantini employs the most advanced winery technology available to ensure the wines reflects the authentic characteristics of the grapes used. Fantini believes that excessive effort in the vineyards is pointless if the winery is unable to maintain specific standards when bottling.


In the winery’s words, “We believe we cannot produce a great wine without constant supervision on behalf of expert winemakers. This is the reason that, for each vintage, Fantini employs six top winemakers to work in perfect harmony with the grapes and ensure they are turned into great wines.”