LocationCalchaqui Valley, ARG

About CUMA

The CUMA range of wines from Michel Torino, come from the high altitude vineyards of the Calchaqui Valley, located in northwest province of Salta. With vineyards starting at 5,500 feet above sea level and rising to over 6,600 feet, CUMA’s wines are unique expressions of the region.


The Calchaqui valley is bordered by 2 mountain ranges – the Quilmes to the west and the Aconquija to the east, creating natural barrier and microclimate. Temperatures in the valley have a wide, thermal amplitude with hot days and cool nights. Plentiful sunshine, more than 330 days a year and limited rainfall, less than 8 inches a year, help to create wines with deep color, rich fruit and crisp acidity.


CUMA means pure and clean in Aymara language. Aymara people inhabited in the north of Argentina before the Inca’s time. This simple word expresses our commitment to keep a pure and clean environment for coming generations.