LocationVenice , ITA



The Canella winery was founded in 1947 after World War II by Luciano Canella. Luciano Canella’s parents owned a small, family-style restaurant in San Donà di Piave. When his father died, Luciano and his sisters had to learn fast to help their mother with the restaurant, thriving in spite of the difficulties of wartime.


Luciano worked hard and grew into an enterprising teenager blessed with a dynamic, creative disposition and a keen palate for wine. He began to search the surrounding areas for the best wines to match his mother’s cuisine when he thought about creating his own wine. He put this idea into action and set up a state-of-the-art winery specializing in Prosecco.


Since then, the Canellas have become Prosecco pioneers, as well as brilliant examples of Venetian creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The brand and family of Canella come from the heart of the Conegliano appellation and have become almost synonymous with Prosecco itself.


Today, Luciano and his wife, Renata, have handed over control of the winery to their children: Alessandra, Lorenzo, Nicoletta, and Monica. Lorenzo, in turn, has brought his son, Tommaso, into the family business. In 2019 Alberto Caporal joined Canella, taking on the roles of winemaker and production director.