Campet Sainte Marie


Campet Sainte Marie

LocationLimoux, FRA

About Campet Sainte Marie

Campet Saint Marie’s wines consist of carefully selected vines in Limoux. Limestone and clay soils coalesce on steep, rolling hills to make up the soil, but it is specifically the cooler areas of the vineyard, (locally called the “Campet”) which contribute to creating their burgundy-style chardonnay and their “terrior-driven” Pinot Noir. Depth and character are added by a meticulous picking of the grapes at the height of their maturity, then the berries are pneumatically pressed to ensure extraction of only the best juice. Each year, a proportion of the wine ages on wood for approximately five months, with regular battonage, to enhance the texture and the aromatic character of the wine, which is then finally assembled.