LocationFunchal , PRT



Founded by John Blandy in 1811, Blandy's Madeira is a family-owned business with over 200 years of experience in producing the finest quality Madeira wines, and prevails totally dedicated to the preservation of the Madeira wine production traditions whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.


All Blandy's wines are created using the most modern wine making technology whilst at the same time respecting the age-old traditions of Madeira wine.  Premium wines continue to be aged using the traditional ‘canteiro’ system, whereby the oak casks are placed high up in the hot, dry lofts of the lodge and left for years to develop their characteristic flavour and complexity.


In 2000 the Blandy’s Madeira Wine Company led the way with the introduction of a high quality but affordable Madeira of a single year (known as "Colheita" in Portuguese).  This was the first dated Madeira ever launched other than the very expensive and rare Vintage Madeiras.  Since then many other Madeira producers have again followed the MWC lead by introducing younger dated wines, thus creating an important new category of premium Madeira.


Today Chris Blandy, a member of the 7th generation, runs the company which continues to be the world’s leading producer of premium quality Madeira wines.