Altos De Luzon


Altos De Luzon


About Altos De Luzon

The answer to why we do what we do is found in the sole
purpose of showing the values and potential of a land we love
with responsibility and pride.

Surpassing oneself every day, the compromise with traditional
crops and the sentiment and respect for the land that gifts us
with its fruits are all part of our way of life.
With “Altos de Luzón”, we pay tribute to the special identity
of the “Jumillana” land. A hard climate at an average altitude
of 650 meters that makes the lands rough and dry. It is here
where the “Monastrell” grape finds its inspiration and reason
to be, surpassing itself by showing its best version. The
winegrowing and “Jumilla’s” people history are defined by this
landscape, representing through its label, a rough one with a
defined character, yet full of unique beauty and wealth.