Tryon Hosts Holiday Blood Drive

On Monday, Tryon Distributing teamed up with OneBlood to host its fifth blood drive. Through safe social distancing and sterilized means, the blood drive was set up in our Charlotte warehouse’s conference room. Throughout the afternoon, over 20 Charlotte-based Tryon employees stopped by to donate their time and blood to help save a life. These donations will help roughly 50 people.

“At Tryon Distributing, being family and community oriented is one of our core values and we feel that hosting blood drives throughout the year is one way that we can give back. Seeing our employees, supplier partners, friends and families signing up to give blood always makes me so proud to be a part of this great company, especially around the holidays. We are really fortunate to have so many great people within this company,” said VP of Business Development, Ed Johnston.

While similar to organizations like the Red Cross, OneBlood maintains affiliations with prominent organizations in the health industry. OneBlood services much of North Carolina, and every blood donation received at our warehouse will be used in and around the Charlotte area to help local individuals. This was a key aspect for us, as we are striving as a company to help our community as much as possible during this pandemic.

Johnston continued, “Partnering with OneBlood was especially rewarding because it means the blood that we donated will go directly to helping people in our local community, and giving back to the community which has done so much for us over the last 35 years is really amazing.” 

As a bonus to employees who chose to donate their blood, OneBlood is testing all donations for the COVID-19 antibody. This will help our employees know if they had the virus but were asymptomatic.

Tryon Distributing is a Charlotte-based craft beer and wine distribution company started 35 years ago with three people and has grown into a statewide distributor with 270 employees. They are proud to be family-owned and operated.