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LocationChișinău , Moldova

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The foundations for the Anadolu Group were laid in 1950, by the Anadolu Group Honorary Presidents Kamil Yazıcı and İzzet Özilhan.

Our global Group, 6 of whose companies are traded on BIST (Istanbul Stock Exchange), and which carries its existence into the future with its vision of being 'The star that links Anatolia to the world, and the world to Anatolia', continues its activities in 18 countries from the Atlantic to the Pacific – including Turkey – with 75 companies, 61 production facilities, and close to 29 thousand employees.

The Anadolu Group, which acts in accordance with the mission to be a multinational and entrepreneurial group on the road on which it has set off to offer the people of Anatolia better, continues to add value to all of the geographical regions it operates in with the partnerships it has established with the leading brands in the world, and the cooperation it has undertaken with multinational companies.


Strada Uzinelor 167
Chișinău, Moldova

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