Tryon adds another new Certified Cicerone to our ranks

There are quite a few Certified Beer Servers at Tryon which is the first level certification in the Cicerone program.  Just a few weeks ago our newest Beer Brand Manager, Elledge Davis, was one of those people.  However, Elledge recently found out that he passed the level two test and now gets to join the ranks of Certified Cicerones around the world as well as fellow Tryonites Joel Jaffe and Glenn Powlas.  


It's not an easy test to pass either.  The test is composed of a written portion as well as a tasting portion.  Most people will have to retake one of the two portions due to the high level of difficulty, but Elledge managed to knock them both out on his first try.  Here are a few words from Elledge, "My studying was based primarily on the book 'Tasting Beer' by Randy Mosher, which I used in conjunction with the BJCP style guidelines found online.  Joel's class also offered a platform to discuss any questions that came up in our reading, as well as doing a live off-flavor tasting session, which was absolutely invaluable"


Joel Jaffe has taken it upon himself to teach a class that prepares fellow Tryon coworkers for the Cicerone exam.  There will be a new class starting in around late May or early June.  If you'd like to participate, please reach out to your AM and let them know.